Dunfur Kennel offers a wide variety of training options. Whether your dog is just getting started, or primed for field trial training, your needs can be accommodated here.   Many hunters like to bring their dogs in for a pre-season tune-up.

Dan encourages owner involvement in the training process whenever possible. This helps the owner recognize and evaluate his or her dog's behavior. Working one-on-one with Dan also ensures that the owner and dog are able to reach their maximum potential and develop a working companionship together.

Every dog starts with an obedience program to reinforce the handling needed in all types of training as well as hunting. This process is continued throughout the training program to help encourage a favorable handler-dog relationship.The dogs are exposed to various types of terrain and hunting situations to be sure they are well-rounded. These situations can be tailored to your specific type of hunting or intended use for the dog. Training incorporates chukars, quail, pigeons, and even wild birds when in season. Bird work starts early in the training process and is used to continually increase style and intensity, bringing out the dog's natural instincts.

Dan travels to Arizona in January for 4-5 weeks to work dogs on wild quail. This is an excellent opportunity for your dog to be worked on large coveys of quail away from the harsh weather conditions that hamper training in much of the country during winter.

Before training begins, dogs need a check-up by the owner's veterinarian. A health certificate is necessary to indicate that each dog is current on Rabies, Parvo-Distemper, Brucellosis and Kennel Cough vaccines. A worm check also is needed.


 Typical Puppy Program

1.     12-16 weeks old
         -Introduction to birds, guns, water, pointing and retrieving (one week)

2.     6-8 month old
        -Start obedience, continue handling, patience around birds and shooting birds (2-4 weeks)

3.     12-14 months old
        -Steady to wing, lots of obedience work, continue handling and retrieving work (2 month min) 

**The above time frame depends on natural ability and maturity of the dog.  This time frame may vary, not all dogs mature and develop at the same age.  Yearly tune-ups also are offered.

Fees:  Contact Dunfur Kennel for specifics on rates.

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